Platinum is a not-for-profit organization that serves to Connect, Educate and Support its members in the promotion and development of green and healthy buildings. It also acts as the conduit by representing the voice of sustainability professionals in Hong Kong to organizations such as the International Well Building Institute (IWBI).

Our goal is to create a platform to:

  • Provide advice and support to all sustainability professionals.

  • Network with other professionals in the real estate industry.

  • Share knowledge about Sustainability, Green Building and WELL issues.

  • Advise professionals interested in acquiring sustainability qualifications.

  • Assist green professionals to achieve their Credential Maintenance Program requirements.

  • Provide Credential Maintenance events in Hong Kong for local WELL APs.

  • Provide feedback on using sustainability rating systems in Asia and act as a communication conduit with these organizations.

  • Platinum is open for membership and invites anyone in the industry with an interest in green and healthy buildings to join.


  • Sustainability and wellness professionals in Hong Kong

  • Collaboration with other associations and organizations

  • Opportunity to participate in committees

  • Regular social gatherings, cocktail events, guest presentations, etc.

Membership & Governance

  • Creating a community of sustainability professionals to share knowledge and experience in applying in Hong Kong.

Events, Marketing & Communications

  • Sustainability and WELL Case Study Tours

  • Network Events

  • Provide a platform for overseas speakers in Hong Kong.


  • Resources on website, including updates, technical features and analysis, etc.

  • Digital newsletter, focusing on topics affecting Asia

Events, Marketing & Communications

WELL Technical

  • Platform for collaboration among practicing WELL APs and sharing lessons learned.

  • Advice from Platinum members on WELL credit development and / or local applicability.


  • Assist with CE hours for WELL APs in Hong Kong

  • Provide courses/live presentations locally that can lead to CE hours

  • Partner with other local associations and organizations for joint events

  • Opportunity to earn CE hours through authorship (commentary, articles on website and newsletter)

  • Discounted attendance fee or free for Platinum members

  • Develop opportunities to strengthen supply of local courses that lead to CE hours

  • Updates on new versions of WELL and differences between previous version.

Education Programs

  • Education courses for WELL Professionals

  • Introduction to WELL AP courses